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Signing On With Alien: Isolation

At first I suspected this write up would be a potted playthrough of the substantially well-hyped game “Alien: Isolation” – the newest storyworld incarnation to feature *that* famous double-mouthed Xenomorph. Then I decided that a playthrough would negate any valid WSOD [Willing Suspension of Disbelief] required to achieve deep immersion in this meticulously constructed game. Also, a playthrough would additionally gobble a bucketload of time I’d rather spend playing the game itself.

Torrens Map

So consider this instead a brief blurb about my introduction to the game. On booting up, I got goosebumps from the fecking Menu Screen. When checking the Credits, I nodded with internal approval at the sound of [Ellen] Ripley’s voicemashing the phrase “This is Ripley”. Everything about the load screens and the initial cinematic grabbed me. I even managed to overlook the cringey cardboardishness of the human characters in the excitement of knowing I was playing Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s daughter [and yes, you’re soon to get an entire other post about just why the Alien Franchise is excruciatingly important in my nogginscape].

Chestburster Nook

Rest assured that even the mere beginnings of the game [including the first simple objectives] gave me tingles, with the meticulous production design [redonkulously faithful to the original “Alien” movie] proving epically appropriate. Even the obvious plot cues…






Android, yeah

…including the  facial similarities of the “I’m-the-Android” giveaway [Christopher Samuels] to Bishop [played by Lance Henriksen in the “Aliens” movie] were forgiveable. For now though, feast your eyes on some of the screenshotty goodness above and below while I’ll continue tingle-playing.

 Suit Up


  • ReplyBanco Belleza 10 Oct

    The game is great, a real masterpiece and your take on the game intro is more than accurate as it gave me chills too. I’m wondering though why you chose to put your spoilers notice where you did in your article. Would have thought it would have been better near the top? ~Banco B~

  • ReplyMez Breeze 10 Oct

    Howdy Banco,

    That’s excellent you’re enjoying the game, and agree that the intro is really quite something. And that’s a good point about the spoilers warning: I popped it in where I did as immediately after I pinpoint a reveal that other players might not have worked out at that particular point in their gameplay. The only other [notable] reveal prior to the spoiler warning is how a player begins the game as the character of Amanda Ripley, a fact made clear in the hype surrounding the game?

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