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Human Design

“Humane Design – Games Must Be Good to Their Players”

After making the shortlist in the “Games Development” Category of the 2015 MCV Pacific Women In Games List which profiles the: “…most influential women across all facets of the Australian and New Zealand Games Industries”, this crucial idea of Humane Design rings even more stridently in my game-creatorish ears:

“Games do not dictate our behavior, but they do affect us. They can affect us in positive ways, by letting us share experiences with other people or giving us a refuge from the troubles of our daily lives. They can also affect us in negative ways, however, by building Skinner Box traps that teach us to play for rewards, not for fun, and by monetizing our basic human interests instead of helping us explore them. While games are a business, that business is run by people who must take responsibility for the products they create and seriously consider the impact that games have in our society.”