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Credit: The Verge

Jaunt Announces A New Virtual Reality Studio

‘Jaunt has been racking up content partnerships in recent months, announcing a deal with Revolt to create music-oriented experiences and another with Conde Nast for a serialized VR show. The latter concept — telling stories in short chunks over a period of time — is one way in which Jaunt plans to get over the comfortability problems that arise when using today’s VR devices for long periods of time.

“We’ll start off with short-form content, but we also want to take advantage of doing episodic content,” Plumer says. “So we can tell stories over a longer period of time, but in different episodes. And then as the [devices] improve, we see the length of those experiences getting longer.”‘

Source: VR company Jaunt is starting a virtual reality movie studio | The Verge (Above Image Credit: The Verge)