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“Grand Theft Auto V in Full #VirtualReality is Deeply Disturbing”

“…we may have to resort to the ‘it’s just a game’ argument to keep virtual reality afloat.” Source: Grand Theft Auto V in Full Virtual Reality is Deeply Disturbing | Hardcore Gamer
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Audience watching PRISOM

#PRISOM Film Screening: Furtherfield Gallery, London

The above is a great snap of audience members eyeballing our explanatory #PRISOM film [with the pic credit going entirely to Nathan Jones]. The film was commissioned specifically for the latest Torque Event held on April 18th, 2015 at the Furtherfield Gallery in London. If you’re interested in knowing more about the communication mechanics of […]
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Human Design

“Humane Design – Games Must Be Good to Their Players”

After making the shortlist in the “Games Development” Category of the 2015 MCV Pacific Women In Games List which profiles the: “…most influential women across all facets of the Australian and New Zealand Games Industries”, this crucial idea of Humane Design rings even more stridently in my game-creatorish ears: “Games do not dictate our behavior, […]
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“TARSPlay” = Some Gobsmackingly Good Cosplay