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Jason Nelson’s Dispersed Digital Poetry Project

The D-Poetry Project is a curious combination of Digital Poetry experiments and dispersed publishing/navigation. Imagine this work as a book length of digital poems. With each digital poem exploring interactivity, media, text and code in, dare I say, innovative and unique ways.Instead of the collection living on one website, it is dispersed over numerous websites, online journals, literary/arts/culture portals, blogs and other net-based venues and destinations.Sample one-page dispersed digital poems:DP One or DP TwoExplore other digital poetry under WORK tab.And while readers/players/users will arrive at the collection from numerous different locations/websites, they will be able to read the other published sections, as all the interactive poems will be inter-linked, connected.And over the next year, I will create around 50 different one-page digital poems, each hosted on a different site.

Source: Jason Nelson’s Dispersed Digital Poetry Project