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Impacts of Interactive Fiction: Words From An Australian “Inanimate Alice” Reader

Alex Yates, IA Fan

Alex Yates, A Dedicated Inanimate Alice Fan

“I have one word to describe the newest episode: ‘WOW’. I have to say I have been waiting for part 5 of the series for about 5 years now after I was introduced to Inanimate Alice in my Year 6 English class back in 2010 (I’m in grade 11 now). You have 100% exceeded my expectations for the masterpiece you have given viewers. This narrative which has inspired me since my early school days does not fail to continue inspiring and I am sure it will continue this inspiration for not only myself but for countless generations in the future. The Bradfield company and all of its staff should be strongly commended on their amazing effort. The story was thrilling and exciting all the way through. Not only does it provide a cliffhanger for me to have to wait until the next episode (sigh), but it will no doubt provide the modern educational aspects that all schools around the world are trying to have to increase the interest in the youth of today.  I would also like to add the use of the Unity Web Player was a daring and risky feat but was pulled through with perfection.

Once again, I thank you greatly for your efforts in this visual and audio masterpiece. When will I see you at the Oscars? 😀

Kind Regards,

Alex, A long time Australian fan.”

– Alex Yates, Australian-based Inanimate Alice fan and St Josephs Nudgee College Student.