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“MINI’s augmented-reality glasses can make cars transparent…”

“Jörg Preißinger of BMW Group Research and Technology explains how the prototype augmented-reality glasses his team have developed can make the solid parts of a car appear transparent.” Source: MINI’s augmented-reality glasses can make cars transparent
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How To Support Gear VR and Google Cardboard In One Unity3D Project | Ralph Barbagallo

“The upcoming Unity 5.1 includes native Oculus support which may make this process a bit more complicated. Until then, these steps are the best way I can find to support both Cardboard and Gear VR in one project. I’m a big fan of mobile VR, and I think it’s necessary for any developer at this […]
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Inanimate Alice - Episode 6

Inanimate Alice Episode 6: Fashionista Alert

One of the more quirky aspects of the up-&-coming Inanimate Alice “Episode 6: the Last Gas Station” is this t-shirt. Details of my design involvement in the project, and release dates for Episode 6 [+ deets as to where such T’s can be picked up] coming soon!
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Feedback O’ The Day: Pluto

…so here I am innocently dancing away in my studio chair to this track while craft-carving away at our “Provocare” Digital Fiction, and I’ve just received some amazing feedback about our Dreaming Methods co-produced project “Pluto” – an Aussie Technical Writer was so impressed with what he’d seen of the project he’s been inspired to […]
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Gaming Mouse Movements

Mouse Movement During Games – Album by Gking19