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Build: A Chrome Experiment with LEGO®

Build with Chrome brings the world’s biggest LEGO set to the web. Start building at
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Playable Cinematography

Playable Cinematography: Video Games and Visual Language

A video detailing how some games have managed to use their camera and lighting in clever ways to convey certain things to the player. Considering how much games ape films these days, the most they can do is try and copy how effectively movies can present images.
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GTA5 Grappling Hook Mod

▶ GTAV Mods: Grappling Hook

[Makes me yearn for the original Quake grappling hook…]
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Beta-Testing #nordicfish: Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments

A rundown of some contributions to Joellyn Rock’s beta-testing project involving simulation and interaction in Virtual Environments. The project testing included a setup with tweets live performance-projected. Enjoy. [
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Helping Game Students Form Their Own Studios

‘Much like Advanced Games, Bridge is a yearly competition: Groups from around the campus pitch their ideas to a panel made up of mentors. They’re looking for students who want to build their own companies and who have the leadership skills to actually make that happen.“So in many ways, we’re looking at the team,” said […]