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...and so it begins...

“…we stretch your ID skins, in here.”

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A Frissonic Monday MBD Update: Who’dathunkit?

So now that you’re getting used to a MBD update mid-week….SURPRISE! Let’s mix-it-up-a-tad and slot one into the Monday mix [this could be the last for a while, as that workaholic mode is gonna be revved up high for the foreseeable future – so let’s go at it full pelt, shall we?]: Locking in the […]
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▶ Computational Creativity & Games Workshop @ ICCC 2015 – Live Now

The first workshop at the International Conference on Computational Creativity, CCGW combines videogames research with the exciting field of computational creativity…watch it live now!
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Sunset, Tale of Tales and FailGames

After reading the news that the experimental game studio Tale of Tales has sadly ceased game development after their latest game, Sunset, sold only 4,000 copies, I immediately reached out to one half of the ToT’s crew, Auriea Harvey. Auriea and her partner in all aspects, Michaël Samyn, have been creating work in the same […]
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MBD Mid-Week Update: Happenings + Shenanigans

So here we are again having made it past hump-day, and I’m in the mood for another MBD update – just don’t get rampantly addicted to these, as they depend entirely on whether I’m trapped in a workaholic timesink [I’m currently in such, but I’m also in lovely warm denial]. Let’s whiz through this week’s […]