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Inanimate Alice Via "Spread The Word"

Connecting Stories Between New and Traditional Forms of Writing

Strangely enough, I’ve just been going over some of the design assets I’ve thus-far contributed to Inanimate Alice Episode 6 [and about to construct more], and this pops up on my “interesting” radar:

“Inanimate Alice is a browser-based work of interactive fiction, one which has gradually evolved into an award-winning digital literacy tool. It tells the story of Alice, a young girl of the near-future who grows up to become a designer at one of the world’s biggest video game development studios. Episode 1, first released in 2005, begins with Alice as an eight-year old girl living in China, with subsequent episodes taking her to Italy, Russia, England and beyond. Of the planned 10 episodes, four have been released, with the 5th and 6th currently in advanced stages of development. The game presents the player with a combination of text, video, animation and audio, asking them to piece together a narrative from these different elements. Though the player does interact with the story at various key points, like several of the other titles in this study, Inanimate Alice challenges preconceptions as to what the term “game” actually means.Recognised as an early example of “transmedia” storytelling, Inanimate Alice has been used in a variety of educational settings. Now part of literacy and digital curricula in both Canada and the USA, future episodes are being developed with this role more overtly in mind (its creators did not set out to create a digital literacy tool – the game’s status as one is the result of teachers finding uses for it in the classroom by themselves).”

Source: Connecting Stories by Luke Kelly, Birkbeck University of London and Laura Kenwright, Spread the Word