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“YouTube’s 8K playback: it’s virtually no use to anyone (yet)…”

‘While the serene content of the two-minute clip is hardly thrilling, the format in which it was shot is raising eyebrows. The clip touts itself as an 8K video: its 7680×4320 resolution is twice that of the 3840 x 2160 4K Ultra-HD format.According to its filmmakers Luke and Marika Neumann, the ghost town was captured using a “RED Epic Dragon 6K in portrait orientation, and then stitched together in Adobe After Effects. Some shots were simply scaled up by 125 per cent from 6.1K to meet the 7.6K standard.”The video does show an impressive clarity of image, even on your humble hack’s small notebook: downscaling the 8K or 4K flick to a smaller screen gets it a sharper feel, like popping in your contact lens after a terrific hangover.Viewing the clip in all of its high-resolution glory, however, is going to be next to impossible for most of the planet.’

Source: Spooky ghost town vid perfectly sums up YouTube’s 8K playback: It’s virtually no use to anyone (yet) • The Register