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Crowdsourcing Learn to Fly + MBD News

    Mammothly buzzing here off the back of a redonkuously successful Pluto demo test [in anticipation of our impending “I can’t even” news]. Also feeling ubergleeful about next week: #Carnivast is showing at #ELO15, #PRISOM is being showcased at #NotGamesFest, + Chpt 2 of “A [[Non]] Guardian Age” is to be officially released. Go […]
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Indiedev Open Call: Indie Arcade

The Indie Arcade, Coast to Coast is an annual event hosted by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and its partners. The event affords creative independent game designers and developers the opportunity to show their work at a 1-day event open to the public. In it’s first year 20 independent developers showed their work to an […]
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BoJack Horseman Creative Team Interview

Interview with the BoJack Horseman Creative Team

  Recently I’ve become enamored with the deliciously subversive dark comedy BoJack Horseman. [Warning: the series now comes with a substantial MBD stamp of horsey approval.]¬† The show not only skillfully *traverses* [heh] lots of topical content, but also [as I was gobshocked to learn from the above Interview with the Creative Team] is created […]
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The NOTGAMES FEST is an alternative games program to the mainstream events in Cologne taking place mid-August. The event is highly inspired by the NOTGAMES idea of Belgian interactive artists Tale of Tales and hosted by the Cologne Game Lab – Institute for Game Development and Research at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.¬†Heart piece […]
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A Robot’s Mouthpiece: Meet The Echoborgs

Sophia Ben-Achour looks like a typical London student. She has short, brown hair, dancing eyes and a wide smile. We talk about the weather, music, and her life teaching English to foreign students. You would never believe her mind is being controlled by a bunch of processors more than 200 miles away. Being possessed by […]