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SprintR Virtual Reality Controller

Using a game-pad to move and control a prop, like a weapon, is disorienting in VR. Aiming is confusing because the player has a hard time reconciling the weapon position with their field of view. Traditional games are able to lock the gun/hands to the camera, but this is extremely unnatural in virtual reality.

The solution: SprintR puts VR movement where it belongs, at your feet. SprintR is a wireless foot-pad that lets you easily walk, run, and jump in VR. It not only feels natural, but also frees up your hands for all sorts of new experiences. Used in combination with a game-pad or hand sensing tech, SprintR becomes a full avatar control solution for VR.

Benefits: Since SprintR is portable, it’s perfect for desk or in-front of the couch gaming. The form factor suits any foot size or type. Additionally, SprintR comes in wired and wireless varieties; it’s perfect for PC and Consoles. Players can walk, run, and jump using SprintR. SprintR is wireless and portable, perfect for gaming from the couch. Helps reduce motion sickness with added body presence. Low impact: No need to run in-place and sweat through your HMD. Haptics/Feedback via rumble.

Source: Exis Interactive – SprintR