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BoJack Horseman Creative Team Interview

Interview with the BoJack Horseman Creative Team


Recently I’ve become enamored with the deliciously subversive dark comedy BoJack Horseman. [Warning: the series now comes with a substantial MBD stamp of horsey approval.]  The show not only skillfully *traverses* [heh] lots of topical content, but also [as I was gobshocked to learn from the above Interview with the Creative Team] is created in Flash!  Just….wow.

When watching this Interview, one point that really stood out was how important it is for a Creative Team to gel + work cohesively rather than against itself; as I’ve recently had the misfortune to observe, the inclusion of overtly controlling team members with low personal accountability and high emotional bludgeoning skills can be as disabling as a risky click. Luckily, my most recent projects have [90% of the time] been with teams that nail cohesion to amazingly professional and concise levels. Being committed to a functional – and functioning – team [as opposed to individuals emptily spouting “WE’RE A TEAM!”-doublespeak-blather] has a profound impact: it can make the difference between a crapola, adequate or a frissonically-great end project. As one of the BoJack Horseman team members states: “…working with such awesome people…I just sorta realised it’s just people, as long as you have good people on a production, the production goes well and it’s really good to work on.”