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Banksy’s Dismaland

The fun thing about Dismaland is that in addition to pieces by Banksy, you get to immerse yourself in the works of 58 additional artists, and films by 22 directors and animators. It’s impossible to grasp the scope of every last sculpture, painting, and installation, but included here is a small selection of pieces the […]
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Wanderment: Indiegame Where You Play As A Blind Kitten

Today we take a look at cute little indie game called Wanderment! In this game we play as a blind kitten who must use his senses to ‘see’ the world around him. If you like kittens and colour, this game is for you! Made for the Clonejam challenge by andyman404, the same creator of ‘Meditations […]
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Pluto Gameworld

Call For Papers – Game Studies Special Issue: “WAR/GAME”

Video games are an important sector of the global entertainment industry and AAA titles often have budgets and audiences similar to those of major Hollywood productions. Many of the commercially most successful games are war-themed titles that play out in what are framed as authentic real-world settings inspired by historical events. Parallel to this development, […]
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NYFF Convergence: The Intersection of Technology + Storytelling

Focusing on the intersection of technology and storytelling, NYFF Convergence (which is broken into three categories: Films, Panels, and Interactive Presentations) offers audiences and creators the unique opportunity to experience a curated selection of some of the most exciting interactive projects being produced today. “When we first kicked this thing off [three years ago] it […]
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Indie Game Dev Kit

ABOUT INDIEDEVKIT: We launched this site because the lack of expert information and transparency on marketing and operations topics pained us. You shouldn’t have to rely on anecdotal information to make critical decisions for your studio or game launch. All our materials have been carefully created by our founders over months of vetting by other […]