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Codework + Code Poetry: What The…?

It’s not often I get to post here about codework [I nearly typed “codwork” instead then, heh]. Way back in the 1990’s when this thing called the “World Wide Web” was kicking off [you *may* just have heard of it?] codework and code poetry were virtually unrecognised genres. Back then, Alan Sondheim, Ted Warnell, Talan […]
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“Wearable Technologies To Alter The Idea Of Narrative…”

The freedom to experiment, and perhaps establish ideas for how best to use Glass as a tool for creative expression, attracted students from TFT, computer science and even business. “Everybody’s actually learning, as opposed to being told how to do something out of the book,” said film major Cole Baker, who referred to Glass as […]
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“Beyond Eyes” Now Available On Steam

Beyond Eyes is a game where you guide a blind girl through an unfamiliar world, revealing it through touch, scent and sound. This gorgeous game is now available on Steam. Grab it here.  
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Still Buzzing: Tumblr International Prize in Digital Art

Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell Selected for the Tumblr Prize in digital art with @thespacearts — Tumblr (@tumblr) August 5, 2015
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Virtual Reality Girls Creates Women In VR Scholarship with Oculus VR – VRFocus

While the over riding consensus, when the general public think about who works within the technology and videogame industries, is that of a male dominated culture, the truth is far from it. Many women do work within these industries at all levels but companies are still trying to bring more into the field. That’s why […]