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VR Minecraft Announcement

The second day of this year’s Oculus Connect conference for virtual reality developers kicked off with an announcement-rich keynote presentation. While the event was short on new game announcements, one big one got the crowd’s attention: Minecraft. A brief video confirmed that the hit game’s Windows 10 edition will launch on the Oculus Rift “next year,” and it will allow players to navigate their blocky worlds in VR with the Xbox One controller.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe confirmed that the Oculus Touch handheld controller system will launch in the “second quarter next year,” which is a firmer confirmation than a previous “first half of 2016” estimate. After showing off that system’s impressive “toybox” demo, Iribe confirmed that the Touch controllers will require a second motion sensor “for improved sensing,” so be ready to make room in your home’s potential VR room should you want to try the tech out.

Source: VR Minecraft announced for 2016 at Oculus Connect conference