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“Interactivos?’15” Open Call

The Interactive?’15 open call, which is part of the Objets in Common project, aims to take a look at all of the questions, disciplines and perspectives associated with the manufacturing of objects through a collaborative, interdisciplinary production workshop and a seminar devoted to theoretical reflection. We invite you to propose and share your prototypes for the manufacturing of daily objects, i.e. objects we view as necessary, which allow us to operate, which we can hold on to, which sustain us and make us part of our present era. Led by Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Josian Llorente and Cesar García, with the help of all interested collaborators, we will link these objects together, gaining insight into how we can make them accessible and adaptable to other situations, or how we could move them past the prototype stage, actually producing them and multiplying their possibilities.

Source: Interactivos?’15: Material Cultures in the Digital Age – Medialab-Prado Madrid