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Doctor Who Game Maker

“Doctor Who Game Maker”: do we need to say more? Source: BBC One – Doctor Who – Doctor Who Game Maker
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Can a Virtual Reality Camera Deliver a Theater Experience?

Why do people still go to plays? Film, TV and the Internet deliver entertainment that frequently borrows from and mimics the art form, and sometimes can just be a recording of a play, but the theater lives on.Maybe it’s the experience of being in an audience, rubbing shoulders with strangers and experiencing something together. Or […]
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The Guardian Names 10 Top Interactive Book Apps

Apps like Arcadia, 80 Days and Device 6 are playing with the form of interactive novels, while game-books like Blood & Laurels and A Wise Use of Time are reinventing the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy era of branching fiction for modern touchscreens.Here are 10 of the best examples from recent years, which […]
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Virtual Reality Is The Wolf Standing Just Outside The Door

To truly understand virtual reality, you have to try it. With traditional screens, it’s easy to separate yourself from what’s happening in front of you. With VR, you are integrated into the world. Floors disappear under your feet. You fly over a city.You’re not just playing a game – you’re in another world. But we’ve […]
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A Guide to Implementing 2D Platform Games

Having previously been disappointed by the information available on the topic, this is my attempt at categorizing different ways to implement 2D platform games, list their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss some implementation details.The long-term goal is to make this an exhaustive and comprehensible guide to the implementation of 2D platform games. If you have […]