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The Wash-up: National Novel-Generating Month

Last month nearly 200 entries turned up in a strange event on GitHub challenging programmers to write computer code that can generate 50,000-word novels. “The only rule is that you share at least one novel and also your source code at the end,” posted the event’s organizer, Darius Kazemi, who’s been staging “National Novel-Generating Month” […]
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Interactive Storytelling: Chris Crawford’s #ICIDS Lecture

Chris Crawford presents a [somewhat curiously cinema-dependent] version of his opening keynote lecture at the 2015 International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling. Source: Video of my Copenhagen Lecture
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Inanimate Alice: the Last Gas Station

Countdown Begins to “Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station” Beta

It’s been a long time coming, and now the beta release of Episode 6 of the born-digital series Inanimate Alice is so close we can almost taste it. Ian Harper, the Series Producer [with whom I’m currently in the midst of cooking up an exciting new Inanimate Alice Storyverse co-production] has this to say about […]
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“Gone Home” Available on PS4 January 2016

In the time since Gone Home was originally released, there’s been an outpouring of requests from fans asking for the game to appear on their platform of choice—and we’re so happy to be able to finally come through for them, and bring this one-of-a-kind experience to PS4. Source: Gone Home on PS4 This January – […]
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Open Call: Tasmania’s Stranger With My Face International Film Festival

  After a hiatus in 2015, (formerly known as Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival) will return for its fourth edition from April 14-17, 2016. Named after the dark YA novel by Lois Duncan, Stranger With My Face focuses on female perspectives in genre film, with an emphasis on showcasing the work of women […]