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Alt-Games: ‘WALLPAPER’ review

WALLPAPER is an interactive digital narrative; a concept somewhere between contemporary installation art, and traditional video games. I’ve heard the term “alt-games” used for it, and I feel that’s fairly fitting — it combines non-linear storytelling with elements of spatial design, cinematography, sound design, and a plethora of other disciplines. Recently there’s been something of […]
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Why the STEAM Argument is One-Sided

What about having STEM at the center of Art and Design? I am not suggesting doing away with the three STEAM goals, but I am recommending some sort of balance by extending or broadening these goals; the current ones are lopsided. I strongly advocate new ways of starting with design and the arts, and then […]
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Can a game make you less sexist?

In economics and politics, “game theory” has become a fashionable term for gleaning insights from the way video games use incentives to persuade us to behave in a certain way. And now a new academic paper suggests that something as simple as playing a flashcard game could help to break down sexist stereotypes. Source: Can […]