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TrAce Online Writing Centre Archive Needs Our Help


In sad-news-for-the-day, it looks like the archive of the acclaimed TrAce Online Writing Centre is now defunct and in need of a complete overall to get it back up and functioning. As Sue Thomas, previous Director of the Centre, says:

Bad news from NTU about the trAce Archive: “NTU has hosted the Trace Archive for a 10 year period, long after the centre and members moved on from the University. After reviewing the service and the software running the Trace Archive, Information Systems has decided that it is no longer in a position to continue hosting the site. As a result the site has been taken offline. I appreciate your past involvement, and apologise for the loss of a resource which you contributed to and found valuable. “…I’ve [since] spoken to Amanda Ferguson, Infrastructure Services Manager at NTU. The problem it, it seems, that she had to turn the box off because it has become a security risk. It runs on Cold Fusion, which is now about 10 upgrades out of date, and she says it would need considerable investment to pay for the whole site to be rewritten and made secure. I can see that this is a serious issue. The server itself is still there and nothing has been wiped. So our only hope is to find another host with the resources to look after it. I have a couple of ideas but more are very welcome.

If you’re in the position to help maintain a valuable piece of Electronic Literature/Online Writing history, please visit here.