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Gamekicker: An IndieGame Crowdfunding Platform

Gamekicker is the first crowdfunding platform for indiegames. We help independent game developers to find funds and support to make their awesome game ideas come to life. Why crowdfunding for video games? Besides the fact we love gaming ourselves, we believe independent developers are a crucial part of the gaming industry. Independent developers bring an unprecedented level of creativity to the game industry.We are convinced that without independent developers, gamers would be playing the same games over and over. Independent developers inspire the whole industry and can even create completely new game genres. We want to support this kind of creativity with a platform that makes it easier for them to receive the resources so they can keep doing what they are meant to be doing; creating groundbreaking games!

That is awesome, but what’s the problem with the existing platforms?

Unfortunately, the current crowdfunding platforms that are available for indie developers do not provide a healthy ecosystem. Besides being cluttered by board games, valuable exposure is taken away by projects that are not screened and will never raise a dollar. Even more troublesome is the fact that triple-A and double-A companies are dominating the platforms and using it for other means than crowdfunding. The big platforms are turning into a marketing and validation tool. Where has the time gone that crowdfunding was a tool for beautiful projects from ambitious people that had no chance of coming to life without the help from the backer? And why are the current crowdfunding platforms virtually uninvolved in the crowdfunding process itself? These unimpressive developments led to the creation of the Gamekicker platform!

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