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Star Wars HoloChess AR Game

LucasArts and Tippett, the founder of Tippett Studio, decided to collaborate to bring the augmented reality game to life. HoloGrid Monster Battle looks like the HoloChess game seen in some Star Wars movies including the latest release, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Tippett and his team will develop the said augmented reality game but not without any help. According to Space.Com, they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for the development of the game. As of March 08, a total of $28,967 pledges were given to the campaign. The funds will be used to create the first version of the tabletop-card-mobile game hybrid which can be played with any smart phones.”Over the years I have been creating monsters for directors, and then now I’m creating monsters for you to play with” said Tippett on the game’s official website. Tippet also wanted to incorporate a new hybrid gaming experience involving both the augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Source: Star Wars HoloChess; Augmented Reality Board Game Available Soon : News : Nature World News