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Knott’s Shuts Down ‘Insensitive’ Mental Hospital VR Experience

Knott’s Berry Farm has shut down a virtual experience designed to take visitors through a mental hospital scenario at the urging of local mental health advocates who called it “insensitive.”“FEARVR” was an extra paid attraction of the park’s annual Knott’s Scary Farm event. Visitors wearing a virtual reality headset would be strapped to a hospital wheelchair during the 10-minute experience. Ron Thomas, the father of Kelly Thomas, who was caught on video being beaten by Fullerton police officers in 2011, led the charge in calling for the attraction to be shut down. Kelly Thomas suffered from schizophrenia. “As many of you know, Knott’s Scary Farm has an ‘attraction’ this year that depicts a mentally ill person killing and scaring people,” Ron Thomas wrote in a Facebook post. “I along with many advocates from around the nation have been working to get Knott’s to close this ‘attraction.’”

Source: Knott’s Shuts Down ‘Insensitive’ Mental Hospital VR Experience « CBS Los Angeles