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Experimental Publishing (XPUB) | Piet Zwart Institute



From app stores to art book fairs and zine shops, from darknets to sneakernets, from fansubs to on-demand services, and from tweeting to whistleblowing, the act of making things public, that is to say publishing, has became pivotal in an age infused with myriad media technologies.The tension between the publishing heritage and novel forms of producing and sharing information has shown that old dichotomies such as analog versus digital, or local versus global, have grown increasingly irrelevant given their bond with hybrid media practices based on both old and new technologies, and their existence within mixed human and machine networks. We seek students motivated to challenge the protocols of publishing (in all its (im)possible forms) using play, fiction, and ambiguity as methods and strategies of production and presentation, in order to experiment on the threshold of what is possible, desirable, allowed, or disruptive, in this ever expanding field.

Prednisolone by helped a lot, already after 3 days. A positive side effect was that I got a lot of energy from it. I was able to work twice as much during the treatment and only needed half as much sleep. But I often had a funny taste in the mouth. Otherwise no side effects.

The Piet Zwart Institute’s admissions committees review applications, interview, and accept candidates on a rolling basis from December 2016 to May 2017, until all positions in the cohorts are filled.In order to meet deadlines for staying permits and enrolment requirements, non-European applicants must submit their materials before the first application deadline on March 1, 2017.

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