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Call Out: Part Choose-Your-Own Adventure, Part Exquisite Corpse


Part choose-your-own adventure, part exquisite corpse, part fiction pyramid scheme, The Wyoming Project is an experiment in phenomenology and post-postmodern narrative structure.​ With each author writing new branches of the story based on what previous authors have written, our goal is to write an epic great work of Infinite Jest-level proportion and accessibility. ​This is an opportunity to generate new material while contributing to a publication. Authors retain the rights to all contributed material and are invited to reuse or republish the work that this project has inspired them to create. ​Once selected, an author will be given specific guidelines and a loose deadline set to empower them to produce material. Any contributing author must be comfortable with a fairly involved editorial process. Contributed pages may be broken down into smaller “chapters,” and some contributions may be edited for the sake of continuity with the preceding information. All edits are subject to the contributing author’s approval.

Source: cantabrigian | WYOMING