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#WheresRey? She’s Here Now, as Kids Turn Bratz into Star Wars Rey Dolls

There has been something of an outcry over the toy merchandising associated with Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the apparent dearth of Rey dolls in play sets (Rey being the lead female character in the film). Parts and Crafts, a family makerspace and community workshop based in Somerville, MA, decided to take matters into […]
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“Silence yourself”: Savages

“The world used to be silent, now it has too many voices, and the noises of constant distraction. They multiply, intensify, they will divert your attention to what’s convenient and forget to tell you about yourself. We live in an age of many stimulations. If you are focused, you are harder to reach. If you […]
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When We’re Dared to Do Something…

…and it’s within the bounds of reason[able low-key tomfoolery], we do it. This one’s for you, Ashendar.