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The Shortlist – 2015 New Media Writing Prize

The 2015 NMWP Shortlist is out now: huzzah! And one of those projects that made the shortlist is our “I Work for the Web” Netprov: double huzzah [+ a corresponding deluge of gratuitous exclamation marks indicating as such]!!!! The fabbotastic Mark C. Marino had this to say about the shortlisting: Nice news: I Work for […]
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Mezangelle as Post-Human Writing

“I think poets in particular play a really important role in drawing attention to the way these technologies are evolving…Mez Breeze is maybe the most recognizable Glitch Poetics artist that I mention, in that her way of writing is a composite of code language (so algorithms or a written piece of code) and a poem….They […]
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Art Monthly’s Dec/Jan Feature: “Glitch Poetics”

In our hypermediated world, how have artists such as Caroline Bergvall, Mez Breeze, Erica Scourti and Ryan Trecartin utilised glitches to reveal language itself to be an embodied medium? Source: Art Monthly : Magazine : Issue : 392 Dec-Jan 15-16
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Codework + Code Poetry: What The…?

It’s not often I get to post here about codework [I nearly typed “codwork” instead then, heh]. Way back in the 1990’s when this thing called the “World Wide Web” was kicking off [you *may* just have heard of it?] codework and code poetry were virtually unrecognised genres. Back then, Alan Sondheim, Ted Warnell, Talan […]
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The Dead Tower

Towards Minor Literary Forms: Digital Literature and the Art of Failure | Electronic Book Review

With her “mezangelle” language, Breeze creates a minor language that combines the dominant languages of humans and machine—a kind of creole that disrupts the prescribed utility of both word and code, “deterritorializing” them, and opening them up to new meaning and play. Source: Towards Minor Literary Forms: Digital Literature and the Art of Failure | […]