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Storytelling Course

WANTED: Storytellers To Reimagine The World of Sherlock Holmes

WANTED: Storytellers, Game Designers, Makers, Hackers and others who want to reimagine the world of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things is an ongoing prototype developed and run by the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab that explores new forms and functions of story. We are pleased to announce that Sherlock Holmes & […]
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“Digital Disruption and the Death of Storytelling”

“In his latest book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, Rushkoff argues that we no longer have a sense of direction because our culture has become too focused on the present. Today‚Äôs priorities take precedence, much to the detriment of long-term planning and cohesive communications strategies in marketing, advertising, politics and elsewhere.” Source: Digital Disruption […]