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“Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station" Digital Fiction 2016

Coming Soon: “Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station” Official Release

The official release of “Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station” (aka Episode 6) is swoon-worthy-soon!
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Leap Motion VR Best Practices Guidelines

Hand tracking and virtual reality are both emerging technologies, and combining the two into a fluid and seamless experience can be a real challenge. In both cases, developers need to overturn many longstanding ideas that have served them well for traditional PC setups. It’s also an incredible opportunity – the chance to experiment and create […]
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Digital Games as Collaborative Story-Writing Platforms

Can a game help you write a meaningful story with others? Academic discussion of collaborative story-writing games usually contains reference to Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, known to many as Consequences. In it, a game rule prohibits players, writing in turn, from reading most of the story written before their contribution. This rule promotes a fragmented […]
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When Video-Game Worlds End

  Whether it’s the final horror of The Matrix Online or the somber last acts in ToonTown Online, it isn’t hard to see how the end of an MMO constitutes an apocalypse of the first and second kind (i.e. “the end” and that which resembles the end). From the perspective of the characters who inhabit […]
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Handmade Quake 1.1 – The Beginning

This is where we start – a blank project, not a line of code written, and all we know is we want to end with Quake…