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“Provocare” Digital Fiction: We Need Your Opinion, Stat!

Well. Between the announcement of the upcoming literary time-collapsing mashup project “Rumors of My Death” (commissioned by if:book Australia), and the English release of Enter+ Magazine’s “Creative Manual for Repurposing in Electronic Literature”, it’s certainly been a busy coupla weeks. Another project that’s been simmering away productively here is a tingling collaborative digital fiction involving […]
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2nd Torque Illustration Excerpt

TypeMotion Does Torque#1

Q: Am I insanely happy to have been commissioned to be part of this amazing Event set and resulting book? A: #HeckYesIAm: “Torque#1. Mind, Language and Technology is the result of a wide range of cross-disciplinary conversations, taking place across symposia, online forums, live events and workshops, produced by the book’s editors: Nathan Jones and […]
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Norway Bank Notes

Radar Hits: Norway Bank Notes, Game Jobs & “Plugsahoy”

Today we start our “Radar Hits” posts containing so much gamery, interactive and story link goodness that you just won’t want to look away. Ever. Or at least for the current duration of your internet-shattered attention spans [and ever after, seriously (not)]: Norway are currently deciding on new bank notes, and they are bootiful. Not […]