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When Video-Game Worlds End

  Whether it’s the final horror of The Matrix Online or the somber last acts in ToonTown Online, it isn’t hard to see how the end of an MMO constitutes an apocalypse of the first and second kind (i.e. “the end” and that which resembles the end). From the perspective of the characters who inhabit […]
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#WheresRey? She’s Here Now, as Kids Turn Bratz into Star Wars Rey Dolls

There has been something of an outcry over the toy merchandising associated with Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the apparent dearth of Rey dolls in play sets (Rey being the lead female character in the film). Parts and Crafts, a family makerspace and community workshop based in Somerville, MA, decided to take matters into […]
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The wonderful Skot Deeming has curate-included #PRISOM, our anti-surveillance game made with Dreaming Methods and Chris Joseph, as part of this fantastic festival. #PRISOM is exhibited alongside such other amazing projects as The Stanley Parable, Papers, Please and Atari-Noise. Since 2005, The National Council for Culture and Arts, through the National Center of Arts and […]
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Virtual In-Game Photography Thriving in Online Communities

“There are loads of games with dedicated virtual photographers, and dozens of online communities have formed around showcasing and sharing the beauty of virtual worlds big, small, peaceful, and violent. Perhaps the most prominent is a website Dead End Thrills, which is run by former games journalist Duncan Harris.Harris pushes games to their graphical limit, […]