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“Hunted Down”: A Mysterious Package Arrives

Well well well…I’ve been waiting for this mysterious parcel to show up for a while now, and it in no way disappoints. Consider the below a type of “visual unboxing” [or actually, an “unparceling”] of the latest in our “Rumors of My Death” project. This intricately beautiful remixed+remashed book offers the following by way of […]
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Screens Are Stealing Your Soul

The attention you’re paying your screen right now—and while you endlessly scroll through Facebook, emails, Netflix, and Instagram—is the subject of a new photo series from French photographer Antoine Geiger, SUR-FAKE. What appear to be casual snapshots of people going about their phone-addicted lives become sinister, Dementor-from-Harry-Potter-like scenarios under his digital paintbrush. That’s right, your […]
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What Do Video Games Look Like Without Money?

So why is the showcase called Parallels? I suppose it comes down to this: we all know what videogames look like in the mainstream, with big budgets, big ambitions, and big audiences. It’s up to us, though, to try and show you what they look like under the surface, where there’s no production manager worried […]