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“The Journey Home” + Forced Affectivity in VR

So I just finished playing through this Virtual Reality Experience for the Vive called “The Journey Home” [TJH] which has left me confuzzled emotionally. At first, the experience was hard to get into with a rushed intro containing similar-sounding voiceovers resulting in the main characters being confusingly difficult to distinguish. The scenes that followed weren’t […]
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[From the OMG Department] Valve Announces New Portal VR Demo ‘The Lab’

Valve has announced The Lab, a “compilation of VR experiments…set in a pocket universe of Aperture Science.” Debuting at next week’s Game Developers Conference, the Portal-themed game “offers multiple ways to enjoy room-scale VR” using Valve’s Vive headset. The Lab will release for free on Steam this Spring. Source: Valve Announces New Portal VR Demo […]
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“Steam Goes Nuts, Offers Access To Other People’s Accounts…”

Various players across the world logged into their Steam clients today to find that their homepage displaying Russian or another random language. When they checked the “account info” section of Steam, the digital store showed them another user’s account, complete with e-mail addresses, buying history, and other private information. Merry Christmas! UPDATE (4:30pm): Valve has […]
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The wonderful Skot Deeming has curate-included #PRISOM, our anti-surveillance game made with Dreaming Methods and Chris Joseph, as part of this fantastic festival. #PRISOM is exhibited alongside such other amazing projects as The Stanley Parable, Papers, Please and Atari-Noise. Since 2005, The National Council for Culture and Arts, through the National Center of Arts and […]
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Sunset, Tale of Tales and FailGames

After reading the news that the experimental game studio Tale of Tales has sadly ceased game development after their latest game, Sunset, sold only 4,000 copies, I immediately reached out to one half of the ToT’s crew, Auriea Harvey. Auriea and her partner in all aspects, Michaël Samyn, have been creating work in the same […]