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All Buzzy on the MBD Update Front

Firstly, I need to offer a sincere and abject apology for bastardising adapting the phrase All Quiet On the Western Front for the title above, but given the contents of this better-late-then-never-catchup on all things MBDish, it certainly fits. Second up, this: PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO PLUTO […]
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David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Instagram Series

UNBOUND Teaser (2016) from Lawrence Peryer on Vimeo. Last summer, Lawrence Peryer, a long-time digital media advisor to David Bowie, met with the team working on rolling out what would be the star’s final album, “Blackstar.” “The notion came up that David had challenged everyone in figuring out how Instagram or Snapchat might be used […]
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Confessions of a Transmedia Pundit — Andrea Phillips

Transmedia is not your magic bullet; you can use every technique in the toolbox and still make a project nobody ever looks at or cares about…transmedia isn’t synonymous with innovative or interesting, nor is it a replacement for a traditional marketing plan…When something isn’t working for you, when you find yourself walking down a path […]
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Still Buzzing: Tumblr International Prize in Digital Art

Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell Selected for the Tumblr Prize in digital art with @thespacearts — Tumblr (@tumblr) August 5, 2015
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Pluto: Transmedia/VR

Mez Breeze + Andy Campbell: Winners of the Tumblr International Prize and “Open Call 2” Commission

It has certainly been a massive good news week all round here at the MBD studios. We started off the week by having #PRISOM showcased at the Not Games Fest in Cologne, progressed to having #Carnivast exhibited at the 2015 Electronic Literature Organisation’s Conference in Bergen, and followed all this shininess with having the second […]