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“Grand Theft Auto V in Full #VirtualReality is Deeply Disturbing”

“…we may have to resort to the ‘it’s just a game’ argument to keep virtual reality afloat.” Source: Grand Theft Auto V in Full Virtual Reality is Deeply Disturbing | Hardcore Gamer
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“TARSPlay” = Some Gobsmackingly Good Cosplay

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“…making a choice”: #ViktoriaModesta

[Waits for Lada Gaga to embark upon a derivative self-dismemberment/prosthetic encrusting deal in order to gain new cultural traction.] . [Also: totally enjoyed the creepy “Dead Ringers” hat-tip at the beginning of the clip. Cronenberg would be so proud.] .
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Twigs #throughglass

Twigs Does “#throughglass”…

… and we can’t tell if we like it or loathe it: “FKA twigs creates a concept film for Google Glass, working both as performer and director the piece is set to a re-scored version of her songs ‘Video Girl’ and ‘Glass & Patron’. Twigs uses Glass to call upon references and inspirations as well […]