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Image by Sean O'Kane /The Verge

Meet B15, A HoloLens-Dependent Telepresence Robot

“…a short demo near the end of today’s Microsoft Build 2015 keynote showed us a little bit more about how HoloLens can help blend virtual reality with the real world to create what the company calls “mixed reality.” A small metal robot drove on stage, and the presenter used HoloLens to make a cute robotic […]
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[Image Credits: Wired]

HoloLens: Augmented Reality Steps it Up A Notch

“Today, Microsoft demonstrated that its augmented-reality HoloLens project is one of the most exciting new technologies we have—just in ways that you may never actually see.” Source: Microsoft Shows HoloLens’ Augmented Reality Is No Gimmick | WIRED
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Apple Vs Samsung: Industrial Design

“Like painting the back of the fence or finishing the underside of the cabinet, it’s a detail that only people who take tremendous pride in craft really care about. And, of course, people who look for just exactly that kind of quality.” Source: The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design | iMore
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Image Credit: TechCrunch

Unity + Microsoft’s HoloLens: Together At Last

“The Unity game engine is arguably the de facto standard for those dabbling with Oculus Rift development. But that doesn’t mean the Unity/Rift relationship is particularly exclusive…” Source: Unity Will Be Able To Build Games For Microsoft’s HoloLens | TechCrunch
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Image Credit: Lee Griggs

Lee Griggs: Deformations

“Continuing my love affair with Arnold (the renderer, not the muscle man). Creating docs and tutorials for the Arnold renderer. All images are rendered in camera with Arnold.” – Lee Griggs Source: Deformations