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What AR and VR Can Learn from MMOs

In this 2017 GDC session, MMO designer Raph Koster talks about the social and ethical implications of turning the real world into a virtual world, and how the lessons of massively multiplayer virtual worlds are more relevant than ever.
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VR + AR: That “Wow Moment”

People who are excited about augmented and virtual reality like to talk about the “Wow Moment,” that time when someone first decides that the technology is going to change everything. These conversations tend to sound like something you’d hear hanging out with a bunch of Timothy Leary acolytes. Once your mind has been opened, there’s no going back. Source: […]
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Ice-Bound Concordance Blends Books With Augmented Reality

Interactive fiction has a time-honored tradition of turning boring ol’ books into video games (See: Hitchhiker’s Guide, Sorcery!, The Hobbit) but Ice-Bound Concordance [official site] might be the first I’m aware of to try and go the other direction and sell you one of those boring ol’ books.Co-created by Aaron Reed, of Blue Lacuna fame […]
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“Microsoft Researchers Test Multi-Person Mixed Reality…”

Researchers in the Microsoft lab of Jaron Lanier are experimenting with multi-person augmented reality, and the results of their work could help shape the way the technology is commercialized and used. Lanier was a pioneer of virtual and augmented, or mixed, reality in the 1980s.Microsoft is testing a commercial augmented reality product, called HoloLens. Lanier […]
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$100,000 Call-out to Potential HoloLens Researchers

“Microsoft wants researchers to figure out some impressive uses for HoloLens. It’s put out a call for grant proposals for researchers who want to work with the augmented-reality headset, and it intends to reward five groups with $100,000 and a pair of HoloLens development kits, for a total of $500,000 and 10 headsets. “We expect […]