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$100,000 Call-out to Potential HoloLens Researchers

“Microsoft wants researchers to figure out some impressive uses for HoloLens. It’s put out a call for grant proposals for researchers who want to work with the augmented-reality headset, and it intends to reward five groups with $100,000 and a pair of HoloLens development kits, for a total of $500,000 and 10 headsets. “We expect […]
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Arvos AR Open Source Viewer

Arvos – Augmented Reality Viewer Open Source Platform

It’s time to create an open source geolocative AR platform! Apple’s purchase of Metaio was great to bring AR to the world’s attention, and a total disaster for people who had been using the platform for years and suddenly saw their projects become obsolete. AR using image tracking, 3D mapping etc. requires complicated technology that […]
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“T[he]Issue” Showing At Beyond the Interface

For the past few weeks, I’ve been London-exhibiting a version of my Interactive Fiction work called “T[he]Issue” as part of a second site showing of Beyond The Interface. “T[he]Issue: The Geospatial and Mixed-Locative Colonisation Act of 2014” (“T[he]Issue” for short) is a work originally commissioned by Julian Stadon and Furtherfield Gallery for the Beyond the […]
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Magic Leap Harnesses Neal Stephenson for an Augmented Reality Announcement

‘Onstage alongside CEO Rony Abovitz and Chief Futurist/superstar sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson, Magic Leap’s Chief Creative Officer Graeme Devine said he had a secret to share before revealing plans for the AR platform. “We are going to start training developers on this” Devine said before encouraging developers to go visit its site and send a […]
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“MINI’s augmented-reality glasses can make cars transparent…”

“Jörg Preißinger of BMW Group Research and Technology explains how the prototype augmented-reality glasses his team have developed can make the solid parts of a car appear transparent.” Source: MINI’s augmented-reality glasses can make cars transparent