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Microsoft HoloLens Release Date Rumors?

“But how much should consumers expect to fork over for that kind of experience? “One current Microsoft executive saidHoloLens would costsignificantly more than a console, which runs more than $400,” The New York Times reports. AsiSchoolGuide previously reported, the consumer version of theOculus Rift VR headset will allegedly cost $450 andhas been announced to launch […]
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Samsung wants to Collaborate with Microsoft on HoloLens

“Though in the bigger picture, Samsung worked with Qualcomm for years and then switched to using their own processors for the new Galaxy S6 smartphone. So more than likely, Samsung is simply seeking to find out how the technology for the Oculus and HoloLens actually works and then introduce a Samsung line of products down […]
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Pluto Gameworld: Screengrab 1

The Void: Coming Soon

  “As soon as next summer, customers visiting The Void could don his custom-built virtual reality gear and not only be immersed in a different world, but able to walk and run around in it. What looks like a bland room lined with dense foam walls will be transformed into something entirely different. Imagine it […]
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3D Printing An Augmented Virtual Reality Cockpit

“As part of a sensational exhibit at the San Francisco Art Market, artist Micah Ganske has designed a stunning VR experience that revolves around a 3D printed cockpit.” Source: – Artist 3D prints a spaceship cockpit for an Augmented Virtual Reality experience | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News
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Building AR HoloLens Games

“Being able to program something on HoloLens doesn’t mean you know anything about its inner workings. Microsoft won’t say much about the technology that turns those simple rendered objects into startlingly realistic projections, and the software development kit just acts as an intermediary. It also doesn’t mean you can design a good HoloLens game. There […]