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Google Has Shipped Over 1 Million Cardboard VR Units | TechCrunch

“Google revealed today that Cardboard has quietly become the leading VR platform in terms of platform reach – over 1 million Cardboard units have shipped to users so far, a 100 percent increase on the 500,000 milestone it announced in December last year.Cardboard’s progression is a testament to Google’s approach, which favors simplicity and low […]
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“TARSPlay” = Some Gobsmackingly Good Cosplay

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Loving TARS + CASE: Interstellar [Behind the Scenes]

[TARS and CASE: CASE and TARS…I loved these guys *so* *dang* *much* when watching Interstellar. Their designs weren’t completely sheen-believable from a strictly engineering/industrial design perspective, yes, but their embodiment of robots as nonstandard nonhumanoid was marvellous. To achieve such a level of character empathy and differentiation between such “articulated planks” = crafting at its […]