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Ex Libris: A Book in Half-a-Billion

  From the awesomely creative mind of Simon Groth: “This is not just a book. Ex Libris a novel containing 12 chapters that can be shuffled into any order, yet still presents a cohesive story arc. This project aims to make a print run where each individual copy contains chapters that have been shuffled at […]
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“Mark Z. Danielewski Embarks on One of the Most Ambitious Book Projects in the History of L.A.”

“The Familiar is nine fully populated stories in one, modulating from Silicon Beach to East Los Angeles to Singapore, yet always returning to its home: the family of a gifted, fragile 12-year-old girl in Echo Park. Astonishingly it’s but the first volume of a 27-part invention—a roughly 20,000-page serial “love letter to Los Angeles,” as […]