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Ghost in the Shell was Made for Virtual Reality

The movie began with a sequence of the major’s cyborg body slowly being pieced together and moves on to a combat sequence between the major and a military-looking mech. The short has several of the staples of the series, like the major hacking a mech or scenes that seem to have some kind of metaphysical […]
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The Future of Storytelling at NYU ITP

A sampling of projects at The Future of Storytelling demo day at NYU ITP.
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Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production | London Film School

“Are you a Writer, Producer or Director working in television, film, advertising or gaming? Are you keen to connect with audiences? Do you want to take your work to the next level, whilst identifying fresh approaches to distribution and rollout? This new 2-day workshop is led by internationally renowned story, crossmedia consultant Alison Norrington… Its […]