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2017 Queensland Literary Awards: Call-Out

The QUT Digital Literature Award showcases innovation and creativity in storytelling for digital media, and new directions in contemporary literary practice informed by technology. This Award is open to all original works of digital literature (e.g. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphic narrative) which are purpose-designed for digital consumption. Source: 2017 guidelines (Queensland Literary Awards)
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The Dead Tower

Towards Minor Literary Forms: Digital Literature and the Art of Failure | Electronic Book Review

With her “mezangelle” language, Breeze creates a minor language that combines the dominant languages of humans and machine—a kind of creole that disrupts the prescribed utility of both word and code, “deterritorializing” them, and opening them up to new meaning and play. Source: Towards Minor Literary Forms: Digital Literature and the Art of Failure | […]
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Inanimate Alice Via "Spread The Word"

Connecting Stories Between New and Traditional Forms of Writing

Strangely enough, I’ve just been going over some of the design assets I’ve thus-far contributed to Inanimate Alice Episode 6 [and about to construct more], and this pops up on my “interesting” radar: “Inanimate Alice is a browser-based work of interactive fiction, one which has gradually evolved into an award-winning digital literacy tool. It tells […]
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Cover of Repurposing in Electronic Literature/ Enter Magazine

“Repurposing in Electronic Literature” Publication Coming Soon

Amped about my imminent contributor copy arrival of Enter Mag’s “Repurposing in E-Lit” Edition: the mag is so beautifully designed. Was sincerely a blast dead-tree-format-reimagining our VR code poetry app #Carnivast in such a way. For those of you who can’t quite wait for a physical copy to hit the shelves, here’s a taste of […]