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Write for Fallen London

Now Hiring: Fallen London Narrative Writer-Designer

“Failbetter is growing, and we need more writer-designers – but we’re looking for a very particular set of talents and aptitudes. We are looking for candidates who are both writer and game designer – who can produce quality prose, and also use choice, consequence and game mechanics to produce a satisfying experience.So we’re now accepting […]
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Feedback O’ The Day: Pluto

…so here I am innocently dancing away in my studio chair to this track while craft-carving away at our “Provocare” Digital Fiction, and I’ve just received some amazing feedback about our Dreaming Methods co-produced project “Pluto” – an Aussie Technical Writer was so impressed with what he’d seen of the project he’s been inspired to […]
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Beta-Testing #nordicfish: Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments

A rundown of some contributions to Joellyn Rock’s beta-testing project involving simulation and interaction in Virtual Environments. The project testing included a setup with tweets live performance-projected. Enjoy. [
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The Truncate

Noted Festival 2015: A Video Wrap-Up

Very happy to have been a part of this fabbo festival. See you next year, indeedily.
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Jason Nelson’s Dispersed Digital Poetry Project

The D-Poetry Project is a curious combination of Digital Poetry experiments and dispersed publishing/navigation. Imagine this work as a book length of digital poems. With each digital poem exploring interactivity, media, text and code in, dare I say, innovative and unique ways.Instead of the collection living on one website, it is dispersed over numerous websites, […]