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The making of Monument Valley

The BAFTA-winning development team behind Monument Valley share lessons learned on their journey to creative and commercial success. Hosted by Jordan Erica Webber with panelists: * Johnathan Topf – Senior Artist, ustwo games * David Fernandez Huerta -Senior Artist, ustwo games * Michael Anderson – Junior Producer, ustwo games.
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Watch Now: 2016 Game Developers Choice Awards Live

Watch the 16th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards and the Independent Game Festival Awards right here thanks to the magic of Twitch. The awards will take place March 16, 2016 6:30pm – 8:30pm PT. Source: Watch the GDC Awards here |
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Pluto Gameworld: Screengrab 1

10 Mostly Easy Steps To Become An Indie Dev

I saw this post and as much as I disagree with it, I wanted to reflect on what I think would be the ‘right’ set of steps. Like the author, I too am often “asked about starting to work on a indie game project by non game-devs”! I would have very different advice from the […]
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Procedural generation takes game development to new worlds

“Procedural content generation feels a bit like violating laws of the universe – creating something from nothing, again and again,” he continues. “Of course it’s nothing like that really, but you get a rush from seeing something appear suddenly.” Source: Creative AI: Procedural generation takes game development to new worlds – GeneratedGame
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Pluto Evolution

New Free Pluto Development Journal Available Now

Andy and I have bitten the documentation bullet and started a Pluto Development Journal here. So far we’ve covered: Delicate Development – Building Pluto Pluto Flyby [a Pluto gameworld flythrough]: #PlutoGame Evolution Snippets Pluto and the Distortion of Time [which almost sounds like the title of a Doctor Who Episode, huh.] Expect much more over […]