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The Impacts of Interactive Storytelling: A Case Study of Jupiter Ascending

The fantastical elements in Jupiter Ascending present as bricolage. Such variables also act to illustrate just how such a movie might reshape established indicators of what makes a film great (or even watchable). Instead of free-falling into harsh reviewing mode, maybe audiences could instead learn that such fantastical elements are ripe for what I term […]
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Q&A with Virtual Reality Pioneer Jacki Morie

“Everybody had the same epiphany back in 1980s that Mark Zuckerberg had when he put on an Oculus Rift. It’s a phenomenologically powerful thing where you feel like you’re in a real space that is not physically there. The difference between today and 1985 is that Zuckerberg had his epiphany and he had a backpack […]
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Virtual Reality Minus the Headset

“Bei Yang, an executive of Creative Technology with the Imagineering group discussed new approaches with Virtual Reality. He discussed being able to create an augmented experience without the use of a headset. Noting that the current model where gamers wear headsets isolates them from the community. It would be better if a group could participate […]
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“The Steam Market Just Went Through A Short, Crazy Meltdown…”

“Last night, the Steam Community Market suddenly started valuing items at exactly the same rate in Indonesian rupiahs and U.S. dollars, meaning that an item that cost $1 also cost a single Rupiah. Normally, a dollar is worth 13,000 rupiahs. Ruh roh.” Source: The Steam Market Just Went Through A Short, Crazy Meltdown