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“That Idiotic Bogost Article” vs EMPAWER SC

So after finding myself immersed in the bowels of a “grrrRRRish”-reactive reply to *that* snort-inducing “Video Games are Better Without Stories” text [ie “That idiotic Bogost article” as one of my mates recently labelled it], then ultimately deciding [in the absence of any mention in said article regarding nuanced interplay in games involving prescriptive (aka […]
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[Image Credits: The Chinese Room via]

Talking ‘Walking Sims’ With The Chinese Room’s Dan Pinchbeck

To think there was a time when a game like Dear Esther was seen as a radical concept. One so against the grain that it actually left some players enraged and decrying that its very existence was harmful to videogames. Ostensibly, there’s very little for you to do in Dear Esther. It’s a calm and […]
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All The Delicate Duplicates Interview | Words About Games @ EGX 2016

Gary interviews Tracey McGarrigan about All The Delicate Duplicates, a digital fiction game about the relationship between a father and a daughter that is strained by arcane objects that they’ve inherited from Aunt Mo.
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Pluto Evolution

New Free Pluto Development Journal Available Now

Andy and I have bitten the documentation bullet and started a Pluto Development Journal here. So far we’ve covered: Delicate Development – Building Pluto Pluto Flyby [a Pluto gameworld flythrough]: #PlutoGame Evolution Snippets Pluto and the Distortion of Time [which almost sounds like the title of a Doctor Who Episode, huh.] Expect much more over […]
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Pluto Gallery

Pluto: Updates + A Shiny Preview

So I hear that certain enthusiastic individuals (here’s looking at you, Electronic Literature scene) are keen to latch onto any news tidbits regarding Pluto, our current transmedia project in development with Dreaming Methods. Lucky for you then that we’ve just revamped our website with brand new eye-candy including a new preview trailer resting alongside some […]