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Call Out: Part Choose-Your-Own Adventure, Part Exquisite Corpse

  Part choose-your-own adventure, part exquisite corpse, part fiction pyramid scheme, The Wyoming Project is an experiment in phenomenology and post-postmodern narrative structure.​ With each author writing new branches of the story based on what previous authors have written, our goal is to write an epic great work of Infinite Jest-level proportion and accessibility. ​This […]
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Open call for MEMBRANA # 2 – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism

The program MEMBRANA #2 – Residency For Artistic Interface Criticism aims to provide support to a visual artist interested in developing an artwork based on the concept of Interface Bias. The artist will develop his/her project during a eight weeks residency at Hangar (Barcelona). She/he will also be invited to participate in the ongoing investigation […]
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Handpicked Code Snippets for Web Projects

Handpicked code snippets you can use in your web projects. Find web design inspiration with code samples. Source:
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[Image Credits: The Next Web]

The [Sneaky] Secret Psychology of Facebook

“Lots of studies have worked toward figuring out what exactly goes on in our brains when we’re participating in social media—specifically, Facebook. A recent one discovered a strong connection between Facebook and the brain’s reward center, called the nucleus accumbens. This area processes rewarding feelings about things like food, sex, money and social acceptance.When we […]
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Credit: The Verge

Jaunt Announces A New Virtual Reality Studio

‘Jaunt has been racking up content partnerships in recent months, announcing a deal with Revolt to create music-oriented experiences and another with Conde Nast for a serialized VR show. The latter concept — telling stories in short chunks over a period of time — is one way in which Jaunt plans to get over the […]